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Step into Sanchos, where the captivating spirit of our brand comes alive. Inspired by the vibrant tapestry of Mexican culture, we've embarked on a culinary adventure, reimagining traditional street food with an innovative twist.

Indulge in our extraordinary line-up of flavours, starting with our mesmerising signature cocktails. Experience the timeless allure of our Classic Sangria, the tangy perfection of a Margarita, and the intriguing fusion of a Coronarita.

Delight in the sizzling spectacle of sizzling Fajitas and get ready for the flavour explosion of Barbacoa Tacos, a creation that promises to redefine the boundaries of taste.

Join us on this delectable journey!


At Sanchos, we craft more than just food and drinks; we curate a captivating ambience that echoes the essence of our culinary creations. We intertwine the spirit of an artist and the charisma of a Casanova, bringing tradition and modernity together in a harmonious union. Our creative process involves drawing inspiration from traditional Mexican influences and infusing them with elements of pop culture.

This fusion allows us to craft a truly exceptional and captivating space that mirrors the essence of the food and drinks we serve. Our aim is to offer traditional Mexican flavours with an exciting twist and to create an ambience that is both inspiring and captivating.


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